Live your passion at night

The state-of-the-art night vision monocular to make the darkness your ally.


From dark woods to plains under the moon, the SPYRON® night vision monocular promises brighter and clearer images, easy handling and an all-weather ruggedness that brings more success to every hunt.


Play in all conditions, in closed or open spaces, at night with the SPYRON® night vision device, nothing is better than the SPYRON® for the airsoft field, allowing for quick identification of enemies, even if the lighting is not there.

See the unseen

The world belongs to those who can see the beauty at night. Whether you are a hunter or an airsoft player, now night becomes yours. The SPYRON® monocular brings people closer to the preciousness of the night and shares with them the joy of observing and the fascination for the beautiful and hidden. Experience the moment. See the unseen.

Small & light

330gr only

Phosphor color choice

Green or White

Easy battery use

AA Alkaline battery


If you have any questions about the use or purchase of the SPYRON® monocular, you can easily get answers to your questions here.

How can I purchase the SPYRON® monocular?

You just need to get in contact with your local distributor. For this, click on the following link.

What is the price of the SPYRON® monocular?

Please contact your local retailer
that you can find on the page « Resellers ».

Can this product be used during day as well?

No, you can’t use the SPYRON® monocular during day because intense light such as day light (even if it’s cloudy or rainy) damages the photocathode in a very short time period and hugely reduces the lifetime of the image intensifier tube within the monocular. The image intensifier inside the SPYRON® is sensitive to light and exposure to daylight or very bright objects will damage the system.

What could damage my night vision goggle?

Intense warm light and Infra-red light sources such as older non-LED car lights (close range) or an Infra-red laser will most likely do permanent damage to your night vision device.

Does this product work also in 100% darkness?

No, the night vision device cannot operate in total darkness. The SPYRON® monocular is powered by an image intensifier tube developed by Photonis. And like all night vision devices, you need a low level of ambient light such as starlight or moonlight to intensify the collected available light through the photocathode of the night vision device and to make the image visible by the human eye.

Where is this product made?

The SPYRON® is made in the European Union with Photonis image intensifier tubes.

Is a head mount available for this product?

Yes, it is possible. This night vision monocular can be operated as a handheld device as well as head-, helmet- and weapon-mounted. The SPYRON® package includes a “J-arm” which can be attached to a head mount (not included) a weapon mount is not included in the package. NOTE: in certain countries the head mounting of (a) night vision device(s) is illegal. That’s why it is mandatory to comply with the regulation of the country in which you reside.

Which after-sales service do you offer?

You just need to contact your local distributor who will be able to provide you the appropriate after-sales services.

How long does the battery life last?

Minimally 35 hours with one AA battery type.

Are there any restrictions buying this product in the European Union?

As a citizen of a country within the European Union and being in the EU, you can purchase any device without exception from us. Please check your local laws as some countries prohibit the use or ownership of some night vision devices.

Can I travel to another country with the SPYRON® monocular?

If you want to travel, exhibit or ship night vision systems you must check out the import/export laws in your country and the local laws in the country you are transferring your night vision device to.

Some countries regulate possession and/or use of night vision devices. Also if you want to own night vision systems, you must comply with the regulation of the country in which you reside.

The night vision systems must comply with the EC regulation no. 428/2009 as of May 5, 2009 establishing a community system for control of exports, transfers, brokerage and transit of dual-use goods. For this, you must apply for a license from the dual-use goods department of the country in which you reside.

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